Behind the Screen.

Was born on 1998 so basically you can say I'm a 90's kid. I hate it when people say that kids who were born on the late 90's aren't really 90's and should get a life cause the good things about the 90's still happened around year 2000 until everything got fcked up around 2009. So basically I still lived a life as a 90's kid for once. I still watched Rugrats, That So Raven, Lizzie McGuire, Recess, and even Arthur. And played gameboys and tamagotchis. Well that's not really the point of this.

I basically started a blog because I really like being in social medias, I like writing but I'm a procratinator so the internet helps lazy people like me actually make something for their life. I started around 2010 when I was still in the 6th Grade of Elementary School. And trust me, you do NOT want to know how my blog was like when I first started. Well that first blog got me to the name "amaliaspace" but you ain't wanna know whats on it. I still have some posts from back in 2010. 

I'm an obsessive person. If I get obsessed over something, I always go die hard for it. Like in 2012 I started liking pandas and I bought literally almost everything Panda so I got a LOT of panda stuffs for my 15th and 16th birthday. Now I'm currently head over heels for Peppercorn Monsters, you wouldn't know what that is but you could look it up, I'd guarantee you'd fancy it. In 2010 I fell in love with the boyband One Direction and I remember hating it when people call it a boy band cause its not when it actually is. So yeah I get obsessed over anything that catches my interest.

As people say I'm not really an extrovert, no not at all. I'm more like a loud introvert. By that I mean I'm basically an introvert by heart but I'm still loud and go crazy about things when I'm comfortable with that person. I can be really really awkward sometimes. Even with my own boyfriend. I can be really quiet once and then you'll be hearing me singing any song that pop's in to my head. I'm serious, I'm not making up any of this.

Not a really girly girl. Well I do fancy fashion I mean I like looking at pretty girls wearing pretty clothes but I'm not actually that kind of person who dresses pretty. I dress the way I dress. Not too pretty but still classy. I can mix up hoodies with jeans, and cardigans with dresses. It really depends on me. So I'm not really those kind of person you could look up to about fashion. But I'm still interested in it. I don't wanna look dull in any occasion. Organizations I hold: Pecinta Alam and OSIS bidang Dokumentasi. 

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